YouTube, Guild Wars 2 and Jointed Hearts

YouTube, Guild Wars 2 and Jointed Hearts


Time for another update, yes? That’s correct, especially since I didn’t post anything last week. I was invited to two dear friends from the guild I’m currently playing MMOs with. I had a blast. It was a needed little distraction from everyday life, hehe. 🙂 Now, onto the actual blog post. This week it’s about YouTube updates, gaming characters and Jointed Hearts.

New and Upcoming YouTube Videos

I thought I’d give you guys a little hint on what’s planned so far, YouTube-wise. Those of you who follow me over on Instagram might already know some of this. Skip this part if that’s the case.

The sculpting videos will continue as they are, I might start adding voice overs to them, as I really liked and enjoyed making the voice over for my Isolde Lineart video. The last one was recorded in a bad angle though, I need to remember to check on that before recording the next one.

I recently bought a new set of papers, meant for mixed medias, and have been sketching one of my gaming characters on one of those sheets. The character is my revenant from Guild Wars 2 (do any of you guys play?). He’s been fun to sketch and I’m hoping he’ll be just as fun to ink and color! I’ve recorded every part of my process so far, and this will be a new set of videos ASAP.

Fanart is something I’ve never really done a lot of. I always thought it was way more interested to simply be inspired by other peoples’ creations and then go on to create my own. But I really like the Sylvari race of Guild Wars 2, I think their design is really cool – plants are cool, mkaaay? And my revenant is cute! Hence my fan art of him.

There will also be more vlogs! I kind of enjoyed making that first one, so I’ve decided to do some more. 🙂 I’ll make sure to bring up topics to talk about though, hehe. Last time was just an experiment, trial and error.

Preparing for Jointed Hearts 2016

It’s not that much time left, and I’m starting on the final preparations for Jointed Hearts 2016. Stringing up the Asks I’m bringing with me, making sure my personal dolls look okay. Also preparing all the stuff I need to sell at the convention, haha. Believe when I say that I have a lot of stuff to get rid of!

I used to run a web shop called Vanadis Doll Shop and was the only european dealer for Crobidolls, and I have a lot of things left over from that time. This means I’m bringing a lot of boxes of clothes, wigs and accessories! Not to mention shoes. Oh gosh, all the shoes…

Anyways, that’s all for today, I’ll see you over on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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