Updates to the Site!

Updates to the Site!

Hello there friends!

I don’t think anyone has missed the huge difference the new layout has made for this website, but I thought I’d point it out anyway – because why not? What do you guys think, is it okay? Do you like it? I think I like it. It’s better than what I had before, at least. The old layout was severely outdated. A change was needed!

Another thing I’m happy about is that Haldur, the tan skinned and OOAK version of Ask, is up for sale! You can check him out here. I still have an Ask available for sale, too – you can find him here.

Right now it’s April and I’m in the middle of my next artistic challenge – Camp NaNoWriMo! This year I’m making a comic! It’s a prequel to the longer story about Kostja, Isoldéarian and Nathan that I’ve been babbling about for years now, hehe. So I’m excited to finally get started! Hopefully I’ll jump into the longer project after this – unless I mess it up and go into despair instead. Making comics is a lot harder and a lot more work than you’d expect. not that I wasn’t prepared, but I’m kind of a slow sketcher, or however you wanna say it. I’m slow, period. It takes a lot of time. But I’m getting faster and faster, the more work and practice, so this is perfect!

As a little catch up, here’s some of the more recent stuff I’ve made:

The kitty boys are available in the Redbubble store, you already know where to find Haldur (okay, here’s a link) and the other ones were part of my Inktober challenge.

Here are some WIPs of the comic I’m making right now:

I’m streaming it on Twitch as often as I can – which is every day unless I’m at my new part-time job. Come say hi!

I’ve been busy. How have you been? 🙂

  • Gabby Webee

    April 29, 2018at11:43 PM Reply

    I love it super cool

    • geminick

      June 1, 2018at8:29 AM Reply

      Thanks Gabby, glad you like the changes! 🙂

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