Troll & Woods Photo Shoot

Troll & Woods Photo Shoot


So, I had a minor “photo shoot” last weekend. I went away for the entire weekend, much to Martin’s dismay haha, and met up with some friends. Together, we hung out, watched movies, ate great food and took a little trip to a forest nearby.

This forest was magical, once you had gone far enough to escape all the noise from the traffic and such. It was one of those “troll forests”. Ironically enough, we visited a place known as “Trollstenen”, which translates to “Troll Rock”. There were several large boulders in different shapes and formations there, probably left since the ice age and everything! The actual Troll Rock was a large, round boulder which had been put up on another boulder and held into place with three little rocks. And that made people believe a troll must’ve placed it on there. Hence the name!

It was a pretty cozy and nice experience, and I snapped some new pictures of my two doll boys who were accompanying me, Chocolat and Nico. Nothing too fancy, as my camera is slowly dying (I think) and I haven’t been photographing for such a long time. But here are my favorites:

Like I said, nothing fancy, but I really like some of them, especially the ones of Chocolat. Like the one I’m using as a header for this post, it is so cute and he looks so sweet!

What Else?

On a completely different note, the next part of my video series on sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll is now up on my YouTube channel! For your comfort, I’ll just add it to this blog post:

That’s it for this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading this – and I really hope you liked the video! Let me know in the comments, either here or on YouTube, yes? Great! See ya guys!

♥ / Jessica

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