Tools I Use When Sculpting Dolls

Tools I Use When Sculpting Dolls

A lot has changed since I first started sculpting BJDs. One of the things which have improved and changed the most is what tools I use while working on my doll sculpts.

From the beginning, I used what I had lying around in my home. Things like toothpicks, forks and knives from the kitchen, teaspoons, my hands (well, duh), pliers, tweezers… anything worked. And it did! You don’t need fancy tools in order to create good stuff. However, as time went on, I realized it was kind of handy to have tools created with the purpose of making sculpting easier.


I ended up getting a couple of good sculpting tool sets, but I mainly use two or three of these things while working on my dolls – you can see them in the picture here. My favorite ones (and a scalpel) are to the right.

I think that in the end, whatever floats your boat, works best for you.

Do you have any special tools – or tricks and tips – you fancy more than the rest?

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