Terms & Policy


All dolls available for sale on this website are completely handmade, from the designing to the sculpting of the prototype. The resin casting is done by Haru casting in Korea. Each doll is unique and made for each specific customer. Hours upon hours of hard work – and love – have been put into these dolls.

Please keep in mind that these dolls are artworks and not children’s toys.

Dolls with Defects

Since the dolls are all handmade and not mass-produced, there are some things worth mentioning when it comes to defects.

The following are not seen as defects on these dolls:

  • little scratch marks from sanding off seams from the casting
  • tiny bubbles or dents on areas not usually exposed very often (inside the head, inner parts of the doll etc.)
  • dust particles not visible to the naked eye
  • seams on the side of tan skin dolls (these are rarely ever sanded because of a risk for discoloration)

If you do receive a faulty doll straight from our store (aka not second hand), please contact us as soon as possible​ and we will try to solve the issue for you to the best of our abilities. We will try to do this for free, but if more than 3 weeks has passed since you received your doll, we will have to discuss this as we wouldn’t have any kind of guarantee that the doll has remained in its original state and hasn’t been damaged by its owner.

Doll Safety

We recommend the use of doll stands (available at most BJD-related online stores) when the doll has no other available support while standing. If the buyer poses the doll with shoes not created for the doll in question, be extra careful and keep the doll stand nearby.

Second Hand Market

We are in no way responsible for the geminick creations dolls available on the second hand market. Any dolls not bought directly at our website is not our responsibility.

If you buy a defect doll on the second hand market, please contact the person you bought the doll from.​

Terms & Conditions

​During a doll’s pre-order, the time of manufacture will be presented on the doll’s own web page, but the times are always approximate. Because all of our dolls are handmade, the manufacturing times can change. You will be contacted if the manufacture time is delayed by more than 1 month. Otherwise, please keep an eye on our social media and blog.

By purchasing our dolls, you agree with the above terms and conditions.

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