Viking Chief’s Son, Haldur


Up for sale is the beautiful Haldur, the Viking Chief’s son – and older half-brother of Ask. Being the eldest and the more mature of the two, he is destined to rule over his father’s clan in the future.

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What is Included?

Haldur is the same sculpt as Ask. He has Tan Skin, with a specially designed viking outfit, including shoes, all sewn by hand. Eyes and a handmade wig are also included.

No real animal materials were used in the making of the outfit. However, the wig is made out of alpaca fiber, glued onto a handmade head cap.

Ask/Haldur has been sculpted by me (geminick). The gorgeous outfit, shoes and wig were all created by the amazing Ayla View (Instagram/Instagram) and he has been painted by the talented Nattmaran (Instagram/YouTube). Please go check these two lovely artists out!

Layaway is available through PayPal – just send me an email!


  • 1 painted doll, assembled and strung.
  • 1 handmade and hand-dyed viking outfit, winter-themed.
  • 1 handmade wig (dyed alpaca fur, glued onto handmade headcap).
  • 1 pair of handmade viking shoes.
  • 1 pair of glass eyes.

Shipping Time

The doll will be shipped out within 3 days from the day you pay for the him in full.


Height of doll, including the head : 54,5 cm
Width of the shoulders: 14 cm
Width of the hips: 9 cm
Circumference of the chest: 24 cm
Circumference of the thighs: 14,5 cm
Circumference of the head: 20 cm
Eyes size: 12/14 mm (12 looks best)

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 20 cm


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