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Ask is the first doll ever created by geminick. Standing at a slightly smaller size than the average large-sized ball-jointed doll at ca 54 cm, he is a perfect mix between MSD and SD.

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The primary focus during Ask’s creation was movement and holding poses – something he does very well, with a little extra help from some sueding or hot glue, something most ball-jointed dolls need. Ask’s first pre-order was held in May 2016 and this is the last doll in Normal Skin from that very first batch.

There is currently one (1) doll still available in stock.

Layaway is available through PayPal – just send me an email!

Resin Colors

The doll available is in Pink Normal Skin.


  • 1 blank doll, assembled and strung.
  • 1 pair of glass eyes in random color.
  • The doll will come without a face up or wig.

Shipping time

The doll(s) will be shipped out within 3 days from the day you pay for the doll(s) in full.


Height of doll, including the head : 54,5 cm
Width of the shoulders: 14 cm
Width of the hips: 9 cm
Circumference of the chest: 24 cm
Circumference of the thighs: 14,5 cm
Circumference of the head: 20 cm
Eyes size: 12/14 mm (12 looks best)

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 20 cm


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