OOAK Doll: Viking Chief’s Son, Haldur

What is Included?

Up for sale is the beautiful Haldur, the Viking Chief’s son – and older half-brother of Ask. Being the eldest and the more mature of the two, he is destined to rule over his father’s clan in the future.

Haldur is the same sculpt as Ask. He has Tan Skin, with a specially designed viking outfit, including shoes, all sewn by hand. Eyes and a handmade wig are also included.

No real animal materials were used in the making of the outfit. The wig is made out of alpaca fiber, glued onto a handmade head cap.

Ask/Haldur has been sculpted by me (geminick). The gorgeous outfit, shoes and wig were all created by the amazing Ayla View (Instagram/Instagram) and he has been painted by the talented Nattmaran (Instagram/YouTube). Please go check these two lovely artists out!


The price for this unique, OOAK doll is 850 Euros.

The shipping cost is 65 Euros.

Layaway is available through PayPal – just send me an email!

How Do I Order?

If you’re interested in buying Ask, please send an e-mail to jessica@geminick.com and I will answer as soon as I am able.


  • 1 painted doll, assembled and strung.
  • 1 handmade and hand-dyed viking outfit, winter-themed.
  • 1 handmade wig (dyed alpaca fur, glued onto handmade headcap).
  • 1 pair of handmade viking shoes.
  • 1 pair of glass eyes.

Shipping Time

The doll will be shipped out within 3 days from the day you pay for the him in full.


Height of doll, including the head : 54,5 cm
Width of the shoulders: 14 cm
Width of the hips: 9 cm
Circumference of the chest: 24 cm
Circumference of the thighs: 14,5 cm
Circumference of the head: 20 cm
Eyes size: 12/14 mm (12 looks best)

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Photos of Haldur

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