Here you can find the latest news from geminick creations, plus random blog posts.

Harucasting Says: Ask Is Ready!

Today Harucasting uploaded the above image to their Flickr account. The text beneath it said: "to go home this week. ?" In other words: Ask is ready to go home from Korea! Awesome! I personally can't wait to see them all home! But I know there


“New Girl” with a Face Up!

Above is a compilation of pics taken while I was painting New Girl yesterday. She was fun to paint, her face is absolutely lovely and very well-sculpted! Her proper wig and eyes aren't here yet, sadly. She's currently wearing what the old Isobel (my now sold


The New Girl Has Arrived!

Yes! Yesterday morning, there was a loud ring on the doorbell and there he was! The postman! YAY! It was the first official day of my "summer break" before going back to studying. It couldn't have started any better to be honest. I hauled the big


New Camera Equipment + Thoughts on Youtube

So, this is what my new stuff from Amazon UK looks like. I love it! Now I can actually film what I'm doing, without having to tilt the camera and have everything look like pure shite! Awesome! It's a very flexible "camera arm" from Manfrotto (you


Quitting My Day Job?

Above are two sketches of Kostja Moldovan and Nathan Hayes, from my future webcomic - which still lacks a proper title. Hello everyone! Time for another blog post from me. Next week, next Thursday to be more precise, my day job ends. It's been a mix of fun

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