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In Stock Sale: Ask!

Happy Monday everyone! How about we start this week with some lovely dolly action, huh?! Starting from today, 2 of my Ask dolls will be up for sale, which means you've gotta go check out this page if you'd like to buy one off my hands! The


I AM BACK + Ask Order!?

HI GUYS! :D Did y’all miss me!? Phew, I’ve been gone for 7 months or something, but university is FINALLY over and I AM BACK! In case you’d like to catch up, I’ve posted two new videos to my YouTube channel recently. I’ll post them down below the



Hi guys. In case some of you haven't already noticed, I am currently on an unwanted and involuntary hiatus. This hiatus will last as long as I am in school, I believe. I might update with minor things from time to time, when I feel I have

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