News on Ask + Vacation

News on Ask + Vacation

Nathan and Kostja

Hello everyone!

We’ll start with the news I believe most of you would like to hear first: Ask will be sent home on Monday morning! Yay!

There was a slight delay because both Harucasting and I had to double check and see if anything was missing or not, but everything was okay. It ended up delaying the shipping for the weekend though, so Ask will be sent out on Monday. But that’s okay, since I’ll be away for a week or so.

Vacation Time!

Yeah, that’s right, I’ll be leaving for a week or perhaps slightly more. I don’t think anything will be delayed, since my dear Ask will be on his way home during those days.

It does, however, mean that I won’t be blogging or making new YouTube videos during this time. I might update Instagram from time to time, depending on how well my phone works. I’ll be staying in the middle of absolutely nowhere, haha.

I’m bringing my new girl with me though, so perhaps I can get some nice photos of her! 🙂

When I get back home, I’m hoping to have replenished my energy. I have things I would love to do, but I’m too tired right now. With a little vacation, I believe I can get more stuff done.

So, I guess that’s it. For now. Wish Ask luck on his way home from Korea! I’ll be seeing you in the next update! 🙂

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