“New Girl” with a Face Up!

“New Girl” with a Face Up!


Above is a compilation of pics taken while I was painting New Girl yesterday. She was fun to paint, her face is absolutely lovely and very well-sculpted!

Her proper wig and eyes aren’t here yet, sadly. She’s currently wearing what the old Isobel (my now sold Feeple65 Chloe) used to wear. I’m thinking New Girl is the character Isobel, but I feel like I’ll have to wait until I get her stuff home first before I decide.

Who knows? She might surprise me!

Here’s what she currently looks like:

She also lacks upper eyelashes. I have a couple of lashes here at home, but I ordered some new with her wig, eyes and clothes, so I want to try them when they get here.

Gosh, I can’t stop looking at her, she’s so pretty! Also loving her outfit, I think she’s gonna keep it.


Annoyingly though, her wide feet don’t fit into any of the pretty shoes my Chloe used to wear. Blargh! Well, she does have a pair of red shoes that fit, but I’m really hoping the ones I’ve bought will fit her. Otherwise, I’m doomed. XD

Doomed, or stupid enough to order some really fancy shoes straight from Iplehouse. Then I’ll know for sure that they fit.

Also, no sure why, but there’s a serious lack of clothes for these dolls (Iplehouse nYID) on the market. Whyyyy?! Oh well. Gotta go hunt…

  • SilverLining

    July 8, 2016at12:48 PM Reply

    Naw, så söt! Hon ser väldigt timid ut jämfört med förra damen.

    • geminick

      July 8, 2016at12:50 PM Reply

      Tack! Ja, hon gör ju det, vilket är lite meningen. 🙂 Men vi får se, denna face up är bara en tillfällig, tills jag lärt känna henne lite bättre. Då kommer jag garanterat att uppdatera den och då vet ingen vad som kan komma att ske, haha! XD

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