Presenting: My Private BJD Collection

Presenting: My Private BJD Collection

Hi friends! I thought it might be fun to show you my private collection of BJDs, aka the ball-jointed dolls I’ve bought. I’ve owned quite a few dolls over the years, but I’m only gonna go through the ones I currently own, as well as those I’ve sold but wish I still owned. This should be fun!

Kostja Moldovan

Not only is this my favorite doll, he is also my favorite original character! Here are some short facts about this doll:


  • Company and sculpt: Soom Chrom on a Ringdoll RGMbody-4 body.
  • I got him: back in 2009 (for the first time).
  • Face up: I’ve painted him myself.
  • Wig: Old, modded thing – don’t remember where I got it from.
  • Eyes: Ginarolo eyes. They were called Blue Hazel before, but now I think they’re called Steel Blue with Amber Ring or something.
  • Clothes: bought the complete set from Sadol.

This grumpy guy is, well, sort of grumpy-looking but has a heart of gold when it really matters. He’s a bit socially awkward at first, but once you get to know him, he relaxes a bit.

Like I said, this doll is my absolute favorite, since the character is very special to me. He is part of the Faeneril Chronicles and I love his grumpy face to bits. ♥ ☆

As it says in the list above, I got his first incarnation back in 2009. Or was it 2010? I’m honestly not entirely sure haha. But it was sometime around there, that I know. Soom released Chrom just before my birthday and I wanted him really badly from the start. I loved his nose and that’s the part of him I still adore to this day. Anyway, I got him from my mom, actually. Or, well, she bought his head for me.

Since I got him as a floating head, with no body to go with it, I had to hybrid him. Finding a matching Soom Super Gem body wasn’t easy, since Chrom had been in a special color batch from Soom – the older or newer bodies simply didn’t match him! So I ended up selling him and buying him back a couple of times, simply to get the right color. At last I got fed up on the hunting for bodies and ordered a special RGMbody-4 from Ringdoll and paid them an extra 60 USD to match the resin to Kostja’s head cap, which I sent to them.

Kostja is one of the Faeneril characters I’m aiming to sculpt myself one day and I’m thinking he’ll be my next sculpting project. When that happens, the doll itself will definitely stay, because I absolutely LOVE Chrom. If I could have an army of Chrom dolls, I totally would!

Nicolas (Nico) Moldovan

This is my only tiny BJD at the moment!


  • Company and sculpt: Piccolo, by Volks.
  • I got him: Nattmaran bought him for me when she was in Japan last year (2015). ♥
  • Face up: I think this is the original Volks face up.
  • Wig: An Iplehouse wig I bought for the old version of Nico.
  • Eyes: Mako eyes.
  • Clothes: The set he’s currently wearing is from a shop on TaoBao.

Nico is the adoptive son of Kostja (and his partner, Nathan, whom I no longer own as a doll). He’s mischievous and smart. He’s also a part of the Faeneril Chronicles.

This little guy has had one earlier incarnation: Soom Keny. If you can’t tell yet, I used to be a huge Soom fan, but that’s a whole different discussion.

His current version was bought, rather spontaneously, by my friend Nattmaran while she was visiting Japan for the second time. I’ve always thought Piccolo is such an adorable sculpt and when Nattmaran told me she’d be happy to buy something for me on her trip, I quickly searched for dolls and doll items in the physical japanese shops’ websites – and found this little guy! I think he’s absolutely adorable and I think the doll itself would get to stay even if I decided to sculpt the character later on. Same goes for Kostja, by the way.


Poor girl, she doesn’t even have a last name…


  • Company and sculpt: Iplehouse YID Mari. The link pictures a SID Mari.
  • I got him: This year (2016).
  • Face up: I’ve painted her myself.
  • Wig: A wig from TaoBao.
  • Eyes: Acrylic eyes from TaoBao.
  • Clothes: I bought the set she’s currently wearing from Nattmaran. I believe it’s a Volks set.

Isobel is my only female doll and I really like her! She’s still under development character-wise, which is why she lacks a last name.

As most of my dolls, haha, this girl has had an earlier incarnation as well: a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe. Chloe was my first female doll and I used her to shell my favorite female character from the Faeneril Chronicles, Isoldéarian. Later on, however, I realized that Chloe didn’t fit Isolde anymore and decided to sculpt the character myself. The doll I saved and made into Isobel, a character whom I’ve decided to develop slowly, outside of Faeneril.

It didn’t take that long until I realized that Chloe didn’t really fit the new character either. I sold her and reshelled Isobel as an Iplehouse Mari, through the Doll Choice Iplehouse offers once a month. So far, so good – I love her!


My grandfather helped me get this doll, so he’s very special to me. ♥


  • Company and sculpt: Soom Teschen.
  • I got him: In 2011.
  • Face up: I’ve painted him myself.
  • Wig: A Wig Wing or Wing Wig wig. Haha. Got it through TaoBao.
  • Eyes: Can’t remember!
  • Clothes: He’s wearing an old Luts set.

Chocolat is a character in a children’s fairy tale, written by the character Amadeus in the Faeneril Chronicles universe. Him and some friends with other animal features live together in a forest and go on little adventures together. Amadeus is in the middle of developing the story – like I am developing the story about him, hehe.

When Soom first released Teschen and Mylo, I immediately fell in love with Teschen. A dreamy, sleepy boy bunny, who can resist that!? I couldn’t! But he was only for sale during a limited time, and I didn’t have the funds for him at the time.

Sad that I would be unable to get him, I mentioned him briefly to my grandparents. They have been the most supportive of my strange hobby out of my relatives. To my great surprise – and sheer joy, of course – my grandfather told me he wanted to help me get the doll. Said and done, I got a part of the funds I needed to get him as an early Christmas gift!

I actually sold Chocolat to Sandra, my co-author for the Faeneril Chronicles, a couple of years back, since I was thinking of quitting the hobby (oh gosh, what was I thinking!?), but she never did anything with him, didn’t change anything about him. I always regretted selling him, since I got him with the help of my grandfather, so when I got the chance, I told Sandra that I wanted to buy him back. She, thankfully, agreed. And, the rest is history. Now, he’s not going anywhere!

And that’s it for this week’s blog post! I’ll see you guys next week! Ciao!

  • Musume

    September 17, 2016at9:48 PM Reply

    Your dolls’ stories seem very interesting!! I loved reading about them, specially about Kostja (how should I pronounce his name, by the way?). I do hope you can sculpt all those characters!

    • geminick

      September 17, 2016at10:02 PM Reply

      Thank you, I’m glad you think so! <3 You pronounce Kostja's name like the second and third audio clip found here: 🙂

      Thanks, again, I, too, hope that I’ll be able to sculpt my characters ASAP!

  • LucyNoose

    September 23, 2016at10:51 PM Reply

    Ha! I have a Chrom hybrid, too! I love his face, and all the unique designs I’ve seen on his sculpt. Mine’s on a Soom Sphaler body (I lovelovelove fantasy bodies, but their legs are a nightmare D:)

    I really love these doll profiles…it’s nice to learn about another person’s influences on their choices with them. Hope to learn more about the others as they develop! (Aaah, so looking forward to the new sculpt, btw! ;D)

    • geminick

      September 25, 2016at8:53 PM Reply

      Haha, Chromnoms are AWESOME, yes!? <3 :'D Yes, I really wanted a pair of fantasy legs for some of my dolls, but I never really got around to creating fitting characters for them, so.. Nah. But I really love them, i think they're great!

      Thanks a lot, glad to hear you like them! Do you have a place where you've put yours up?
      (Hehe, thanks, that's good to hear! ;D)

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