My BJD and Art Project

My BJD and Art Project


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I plan on basing my future dolls, except for Ask and his body’s coming extra heads, on a project me and Sanjoh started together a little over a year ago.

It Is Called Faeneril

nathanxkostja_by_geminick-d8s4y5mSome of you who read this might already have heard about this project from before. We started working on it with great enthusiasm and then realized it had become a bit of a “darling” – which needed to be killed, reborn and completely reworked. You know, like most artistic projects need to.

Well, what is this “Faeneril” then?

IsoldéarianIt’s a fantasy world, in which mine and Sanjoh’s characters exist. It’s a world where most of our future stories will come from.

Think of it as a playground for us to explore storytelling within.

What Does This Have To Do With Your BJD Sculpting?

Faeneril is the world where almost all of my original characters exist, even though some of them exist in different eras of time. They’re connected to eachother in some way.

My favorite BJD characters, which I’ll present to you soon, all belong in Faeneril.

LovebirdsThese characters are the ones I’m aiming to start sculpting, once Ask (and the two heads) is completed. There will be storytelling involved and quite possibly art other than sculpting. Because, yes, I do other things than sculpt, too. I actually have a college degree in visual storytelling and comics art, believe it or not, haha. I aim to make use of that degree.

I am beyond excited to have such a “big” project up and running, it’s what’s been missing in my life for so long! I am hoping you guys will come to enjoy Faeneril as much as I currently am.

Do you have any big ideas or projects you’d like to work on?

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