Inktober Is Here, Yay!

Inktober Is Here, Yay!

Have you guys ever done Inktober before? The concept isn’t new to me at all, I’ve been aware of it for several years. However, this year is the first time I dared to try it myself.

It’s been really fun so far, totally loving it! I’ve produced some really neat drawings and I can’t wait to scan them in and upload proper versions of them! I want to put all of my Inktober drawings in one separate gallery on here, somewhere. There aren’t many drawings up on this site at all, which I’m going to start changing by the end of October. After all, I do many different things, not just sculpting.

My Inktober Theme(s)

Here’s the theme I’m going to focus on for the remainder of Inktober! There’ll be one “main” theme and then have four “minor” themes, as follows:

  • Main theme: the Faeneril characters!
  • Week 1 (3-9/10): Witches!
  • Week 2 (10-16/10): Dungeons & Dragons!
  • Week 3: (17-23/10): Fashion Week!
  • Week 4 (24-30/10): Astronauts!

So, to explain how this works: I will only draw the characters of Faeneril (because I want to practice drawing them) and I will then apply the minor themes to them. Which means this week I’ll only draw them as witches! And so on. Martin got to decide on the fourth week’s theme, haha. I think it’ll be really cool drawing them as astronauts!

I’m also really looking forward to portraying my characters in the classic Dungeons & Dragons classes, I think they’d look pretty neat. And it’d give me plenty of opportunities to practice drawing cool stuff, like armor and swords! Yeah! Totally excited about this, haha. Inktober will be a great experience. Let’s hope I’ll be able to go through with it!

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Sculpting a BJD Series

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently started sculpting a new doll and the process is being recorded and uploaded to my YouTube channel. It’s a lot of fun working on a completely new doll and I’m hoping you guys will like the videos as well! Here’s my latest one:

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♥ / Jessica

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