Illustration and New YouTube Video

Illustration and New YouTube Video


Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? 🙂 I hope you’re all doing fine. I am doing fine, too, thanks for asking, hehe.

This past Monday, I sat down and created my new schedule. It’s, so far, only for the work days of the week, as I’m trying to leave my weekends alone. And I like it! Lots of time for different creative things. Like drawing, painting, writing Faeneril stories and sculpting. And I’ll be filming during most of these activities and upload the result to my YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTube, I uploaded a new video yesterday! This time it’s of a digital sketch I made a couple of weeks ago. You can watch it here.

The sketch is of Isolde, and I showed you a sneak peek last week.

I ended up liking the sketch so much that I finished the lineart yesterday. It’s been uploaded to my Deviantart account.

Otherwise Planned Today

Today is the week’s slowest day, as I’ve planned to do things I haven’t had the time to complete on the schedule today. However, since I’ve only just started out, I don’t have anything that comes to mind haha. Which means I’ll probably continue working on my doll head and/or the above illustration of Isolde. Whatever I deem the most important right now.

And to finish the day off, I’ll be working some more on my storytelling work. Aka keep on writing my manuscript. I had great plans for writing this summer, but they weren’t meant to be. I realized halfway through that I was way too tired and really needed a break from things in order to get healthy again. So that’s what I did. It annoys the heck out of me, but what can you do?

Well, I’ll be seeing you guys later! I wish you all a great Wednesday! 🙂

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