Faeneril Chronicles: Book 1 Rough Script Done

Faeneril Chronicles: Book 1 Rough Script Done


Hello everybody!

As you may or may not know, my primary art and doll project is called Faeneril. Some time ago, me and Sanjoh finished the very rough first script draft of the first book in the Faeneril Chronicles. We’re thinking it might end up pretty long, hehe.

The next step for us is to start fleshing out the various scenes and chapters. Build up the story properly. I’m sure it will be loads of fun, once we get started. We both have high hopes, dreams and ideas for this story. For all of Faeneril, actually.

I don’t think either of us anticipated how into the characters and story we’d actually get. but it’s a nice feeling! I believe we have something really cool and interesting going on. 🙂


Right now, however, I’m feeling pretty overworked – at least on the inside. I can’t quite relax, and that is not a good sign. At all. I stress out over nothing and my memory is worse than a gold fish’s. The time I spent away from home wasn’t nearly long enough, it turns out. I would’ve needed two more weeks. Weeks I don’t have – or so I tell myself at least.

It’s annoying when you’re at the starting point of something really cool, but you feel like you’re stuck.


Do you know what else is bothering me? The fact that Adobe Premiere doesn’t handle the type of FLV-file my screen recording software saved my latest recording in. That means a lot of extra work. Annoying!

Speaking of the latest recording – above is a part of the sketch of Isoldéarian. She’s been completely revamped, though. She’s way cooler now, and I love her to bits!

Oh well, I’m off to try to take my mind off of things – and not feeling bad about it…

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