All of the Doll Packages Have Been Sent

All of the Doll Packages Have Been Sent


Hello everyone!

I’m officially back from my vacation! I’ve been back since Sunday, actually, but I have been way too busy to update the blog til today. It feels okay to be back, but I wish my vacation would’ve been a week longer or so, haha. I kind of realized I needed more time to rest up. But oh well! You can’t always get what you want, am I right?

Today I managed to send out all the Ask packages to their respective owners! Some were sent out yesterday, the rest today. It feels great you guys!

I haven’t yet decided if there’ll be another pre-order with Ask. I guess we’ll have to see how I feel about it later on in the year.

One thing I’ve learned, however, is to never start a pre-order during summer… Then again, sometimes one simply has to.

What Happens Now?

Well, yeah, what’s next? Jointed Hearts of course! I have some dolls left in stock – and I also bought some extra, hehe – so I will be bringing those with me to the convention. Unfortunately I won’t have the time, nor resources, to create a complete full set. That will have to wait til next year!

asksent2Other than planning the convention together with the rest of the Jointed Hearts Crew, I am also planning new videos for my YouTube channel. I can’t wait to get started with some of the plans I have. I will try out different things and see what you guys like the most.

Of course, I will try to work on new creative projects as well. I want to release more dolls in the near future, so look forward to that!

There are still a couple of weeks left of summer and those weeks will be pretty full of planned stuff, which should be a good thing, but they’re stressing me out at the moment haha. I’ll be creating art really slowly until… whenever.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys soon! In the meantime, why not jump over to my YouTube channel and subscribe?

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