CRAZY Jointed Hearts-Prep Week!

CRAZY Jointed Hearts-Prep Week!


Guess who’s having a CRAZY week right now!? Yeah, that’s right – me!

I’m in the middle of last minute preparations for Jointed Hearts. Both on a personal level as well as on a head organizer level. On top of that, the love of my life turns 30 tomorrow, I’ve got a new job (sort of?) to figure out during a meeting on Friday before setting up Jointed Hearts in Gothenburg, university started up two days ago and I’m somehow still managing my schedule for videos, this blog post and whatever else is on my list. CRAZY!

Thankfully though, a week is only 7 days long, haha. Life will be easier once Jointed Hearts is done and over with.

I’m beginning to feel excited about the convention though, it’s going to be great seeing all my friends again. I’m sure it’ll be just as awesome as last year’s convention. I’ve prepared almost 100 items that I want to sell off from my own private collection. That’s also kinda nuts. Of course I’ll also bring a couple of Asks with me.

Sure, we’ve had some troubles getting everything together, but in the long run, i think we did an amazing job getting it done.

Fan Art Video?

Oh yeah, before I forget – I uploaded a new video to YouTube yesterday! I’m pretty pleased with it, even though it has its obvious flaws (I really need to get better lights, man…) and the drawing itself looks really good if you ask me. Here it is:

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Am I Crazy?

Yes, so, as you can tell, I’m multitasking quite a bit right now. It’s not like I have a choice, and I will have to keep on multitasking for quite some time I’m afraid. yes, even after Jointed Hearts is done. I’ll still have my studies, this creative work and the new “job” on the side. A friend of mine recently told me I’m crazy for doing so many things at once, but it’s not like I have a choice in the matter. At least not right now, haha.

We all gotta survive somehow, yes? Well, I’ve realized I’ll definitely not survive if someone takes away my chance of creating and working creatively. So that has to stay, obviously. And, naturally, i also need a steady income, which is where both my studies and the job on the side plays their part. Money is nice, you can get food if you trade them. Or so I’ve heard. Hurrdurr.

But yes, I am still a little bit crazy. That’s 100 % correct. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a gift for a certain soon-to-be-30-years-old pretty boy to finish up. See you guys over on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, yes?

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