Cold October Update

Hey there, friends. So, where in the middle of October and Inktober. It's getting really cold outside here in Sweden and all of a sudden I'm feeling a bit more tired than usual. Partly because of the grey weather, but also partly because of some family


New Doll Head Started!

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time in what feels like ages and started working on a new head. It was very spontaneous, no real planning behind it. A lot has happened with my sculpting abilities/skills since I started working on Ask, and the fact


To Plan or Not to Plan the Sculpting?

Hey guys! So, Ask's pre-order is halfway throughg and I'm currently thinking about what to sculpt next. Fitting, perhaps, that I already had this half-done blog post lying around for today! Should I Sketch Out My Character Before Sculpting? I normally dislike sketching too much on the dolls


Tools I Use When Sculpting Dolls

A lot has changed since I first started sculpting BJDs. One of the things which have improved and changed the most is what tools I use while working on my doll sculpts. From the beginning, I used what I had lying around in my home. Things


BJD Sculpting Plans

You know, I'm the kind of person who both likes and dislikes planning her work. I really like having some kind of structure to things, otherwise I won't get things done at all, but if I start structuring up too much of my time, I'll just

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