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In Stock Sale: Ask!

Happy Monday everyone! How about we start this week with some lovely dolly action, huh?! Starting from today, 2 of my Ask dolls will be up for sale, which means you've gotta go check out this page if you'd like to buy one off my hands! The


I AM BACK + Ask Order!?

HI GUYS! :D Did y’all miss me!? Phew, I’ve been gone for 7 months or something, but university is FINALLY over and I AM BACK! In case you’d like to catch up, I’ve posted two new videos to my YouTube channel recently. I’ll post them down below the


News on Ask + Vacation

Hello everyone! We'll start with the news I believe most of you would like to hear first: Ask will be sent home on Monday morning! Yay! There was a slight delay because both Harucasting and I had to double check and see if anything was missing or


Harucasting Says: Ask Is Ready!

Today Harucasting uploaded the above image to their Flickr account. The text beneath it said: "to go home this week. ?" In other words: Ask is ready to go home from Korea! Awesome! I personally can't wait to see them all home! But I know there

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