Back Home from Jointed Hearts!

Back Home from Jointed Hearts!


Hi friends! I am back home from Gothenburg and Jointed Hearts 2016! Wow, it’s been quite the weekend – lots of fun things went on during both days, and I am very happy and pleased with the outcome of this convention.

Why? Oh, let me tell you…

Friends: New and Old

Dockor-110Naturally, I met a lot of friends, both new and old. Ayla, my friend and seamstress, was there, being her dorky and completely wonderful self, Nattmaran was there of course (but only for one day, saaadneeeeess!) along with many other cool people! One of the new friends I made is Anne of Hasel’s Aestethics – lovely woman, who happens to create lovely art!

There were not as many visitors as last year, but this didn’t surprise us in the crew at all considering how much trouble we’ve had getting everything under control this year. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much time, nor resources, to do any proper PR for the convention. However, things seemed to work out anyway, because many, many people came by and told me personally how much they enjoyed themselves at the convention and that they’re all looking forward to next year!


Yes, like I mentioned above, we had some serious issues to deal with this year: our webhost went into bankruptcy and took our entire website and domain with them. On top of this, part of the crew were heavily overworked, either from last year’s convention or from personal matters like new houses and jobs. Needless to say, things started off quite bad. Luckily for us, we managed to pull through – thanks to a certain member of our crew, Karin, being nothing short of AWESOME!


My Lecture

Yes, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I was scheduled to have a lecture during the convention. This year I did a follow-up on what’s been happening since last year with Ask and whatnot. I started out fairly nervous, but I think I wrapped it up pretty good when people started asking me questions. There were quite a few really interesting questions and debates during the talk! I was very happy when it ended.

What made me even happier, though, was when one of the listeners came up to me afterward and said: “Hi, I would like to buy an Ask, please!” That sentence made my entire day, haha!


I Donated an Ask!

We had several contests during the convention: the themed exhibition, a drawing contest and the cosplay exhibition. I think all of them were enjoyed by our visitors and we were all very happy to have so many competing and sharing their creativity with the rest of us!

Several companies and people donated dolls, items and services to our contests and I had long ago decided to do the same. I, of course, donated an Ask!

When they announced the winner of the first prize (Ask) of the exhibition contest, I actually first turned around as I didn’t want to see the person’s reaction to winning Ask. I was nervous about them not liking him or whatever, but she actually seemed pretty thrilled! I talked to her for a while afterward and she seemed really nice – and very creative, so I’m looking forward to seeing photos of her Ask once he’s done.

All in All…

…this was a pretty good convention! Now, however, I am in some serious need of a vacation from Jointed Hearts, haha. I think, once I’ve finished this post and managed to get my latest video up on my YouTube channel, I will go for a walk, make dinner and then play around with something new and cool: a bullet journal…

I’ll see you guys around! Cheers!

Some More Photos

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