I AM BACK + Ask Order!?

I AM BACK + Ask Order!?


Did y’all miss me!?

Phew, I’ve been gone for 7 months or something, but university is FINALLY over and I AM BACK!

In case you’d like to catch up, I’ve posted two new videos to my YouTube channel recently. I’ll post them down below the rest of this blog post as well!

There will be stuff happening, both on here, on YouTube and in my life the next few months – I mean, when isn’t stuff going on behind the scenes anyway? I’m still not 100% back though, as I’m trying to rest up a bit from school and so on, and in a week I’ll be starting the search for a job within web development – wish me luck?

However, there is one very important thing that you guys might want to know more about: there’s gonna be a new Ask order!

Ask Order!?

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to put some more Asks up for sale. They’re already in stock and not that many in numbers, so if you really want one, now is your chance!

The date for the in stock sale begins on June 19th. I haven’t decided on an end date yet, or if I even want to have one, so we’ll see about that. More information on this will be up along with the information about the actual sale on the 19th. Keep an eye on this website if you wanna get in on the sale! 😀


Yes, I’ve decided to start livestreaming! I think it’s really fun and I enjoy it a lot. Up until now, I’ve only livestreamed while playing games (Overwatch, Ori and the Blind Forest), but I’m going to start doing art streams as well, I just need to get my set up ready for it. I’m not sure if I’ll make it in time for tomorrow (Tuesday, which is the official art stream day), but we’ll see. I forgot my laptop’s charger in a city a couple of hours away and need to fetch it from my friend before I can use the laptop… Hehe, oops.

I’ll be streaming video games til I get that laptop working though, so if you’re cool with that, come join me over on my Twitch channel!

YouTube Videos

I will be uploading one video per week from now on and I’ll try my best to make them interesting for you guys. If there’s anything special you’d like me to do or show, let me know in the comments below.

And with that, I’ll be leaving you for now. Below are the two recent videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy watching me, I guess….?

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