About geminick creations

About geminick

Jessica Karlsson, a.k.a. geminick, is an illustrator and sculptor currently living in a small city in Sweden.

Studying comics art and illustration for two years, Jessica found herself drawn to sculpting – or, rather, the art of making dolls, ball-jointed dolls.

Having no previous experience with sculpting, she struggled for a while to find her own methods and ideas down. But nowadays she sculpts in front of an audience every weekday morning on Twitch, working hard to achieve her dreams of working with art full time.

Jessica’s main inspiration for her dolls are her own original characters, created for one of her comic projects and she hopes to make her favorite characters into dolls, with some more time on her hands.

Her first doll, Ask, was released in 2016. Not inspired by any characters of her maker, Ask will always be different from her other BJDs. He is a tribute to her heritage as a scandinavian.



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Jessica Karlsson
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