June 2016

New Camera Equipment + Thoughts on Youtube

So, this is what my new stuff from Amazon UK looks like. I love it! Now I can actually film what I'm doing, without having to tilt the camera and have everything look like pure shite! Awesome! It's a very flexible "camera arm" from Manfrotto (you


Quitting My Day Job?

Above are two sketches of Kostja Moldovan and Nathan Hayes, from my future webcomic - which still lacks a proper title. Hello everyone! Time for another blog post from me. Next week, next Thursday to be more precise, my day job ends. It's been a mix of fun


New Doll Head Started!

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time in what feels like ages and started working on a new head. It was very spontaneous, no real planning behind it. A lot has happened with my sculpting abilities/skills since I started working on Ask, and the fact


Certificate of Authenticity

Me and InDesign are not great friends, however, we are starting to enjoy each other's company more and more. What am I doing? Oh. Sorry. Just messing around with the various things I need for sending all those Asks away once they arrive, such as a certificate


Ask Is in Production!

Yay! As you guys can see above, more Asks are being produced over at Harucasting. this one was, unfortunately, in the wrong color - but that doesn't really matter much to me, they've started and things are looking good! Depending on how many they made in


My Books by Scott McCloud Just Arrived!

Heeee! So excited - my new books by Scott McCloud arrived today! When I went to college and studied comics art (because yes, I actually did that), Scott McCloud was one of the many, many authors we were introduced to within the genre of comics. However,

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