March 2016

BJD Sculpting Plans

You know, I'm the kind of person who both likes and dislikes planning her work. I really like having some kind of structure to things, otherwise I won't get things done at all, but if I start structuring up too much of my time, I'll just


Ask’s Outfit Is Home!

I thought I'd give you guys a quick look at Ask's finished outfit! This set of clothes were made by the amazingly talented Ayla View, whom you can visit on Instagram. It's a viking outfit, in case you didn't know, hehe. I absolutely love it! Thank you


Ball-Jointed Dolls Galore!

Hi everyone! To start this new try at blogging about my creative endeavors, I'd like to begin with letting you all know what's currently going on behind the scenes. What is up with Ask? Well, he's almost 100% finished now! I finished sculpting him back in December 2015,

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