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Two videos are now up on my YouTube channel - go check them out!

Status of Ask

Ask is currently waiting to be shipped home from the casting company - stay tuned for more news on him! He will be sent out as soon as he's gotten here and everything seems to be in order.

Den of Angels

Want to see what others are saying about Ask? Visit the Den of Angel's forums to see what's happening!

Pre-order: CLOSED!

And so the pre-order for Ask has ended. I just sent my...

31st May

My Biggest Inspirations

When it comes to art, I have quite a few people who...

24th May

Working On a Comic Script!

Right now, I am very pleased to tell you all that I...

21st May

To Plan or Not to Plan the Sculpting?

Hey guys! So, Ask’s pre-order is halfway throughg and I’m currently thinking...

17th May

Home Once More

Hey everybody! I got home from the US and the Caribbean two...

11th May

geminick creations: Ask – Teaser

YES! It is almost time! I really hope you’ll like him! ^_^...

23rd Apr

Ask’s Official Photo Shoot Is DONE!

Yaaay! Me and Nattmaran met up at her place this weekend and...

10th Apr

Tools I Use When Sculpting Dolls

A lot has changed since I first started sculpting BJDs. One of...

05th Apr

Anonymous Love!

I got a message from a friend on Facebook the other day,...

04th Apr