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YouTube Channel

Two videos are now up on my YouTube channel - go check them out!

Status of Ask

Ask is currently waiting to be shipped home from the casting company - stay tuned for more news on him! He will be sent out as soon as he's gotten here and everything seems to be in order.

Den of Angels

Want to see what others are saying about Ask? Visit the Den of Angel's forums to see what's happening!

The New Girl Has Arrived!

Yes! Yesterday morning, there was a loud ring on the doorbell and...

05th Jul

I’m on YouTube! (And Ask is Ready to GO HOME!)

Hi guys! I am now officially on YouTube! I am so excited,...

01st Jul

New Camera Equipment + Thoughts on Youtube

So, this is what my new stuff from Amazon UK looks like....

28th Jun

Quitting My Day Job?

Above are two sketches of Kostja Moldovan and Nathan Hayes, from my...

21st Jun

New Doll Head Started!

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time in what feels like...

17th Jun

Certificate of Authenticity

Me and InDesign are not great friends, however, we are starting to...

14th Jun

Ask Is in Production!

Yay! As you guys can see above, more Asks are being produced...

10th Jun

My Books by Scott McCloud Just Arrived!

Heeee! So excited – my new books by Scott McCloud arrived today!...

07th Jun

Ask Is Ordered + Writing Script

Ask has been ordered from the casting company and been paid for...

03rd Jun