My Floating Heads Collection

My Floating Heads Collection

Hi there! Last week I shared my private ball-jointed doll collection with you guys. I only mentioned the complete dolls in that post, even though I have a little collection of… floating heads.

Floating Heads? Sounds Morbid!

Haha, yes, I agree with you, it does sound rather morbid. But, trust me, the only heads I own are doll heads, and they most certainly do not float… They just lack bodies of their own. (That didn’t really help much, did it?)

Here are the heads I currently own:

Project: Pretty Boy

This head is my personal favorite right now, I think it’s beautifully sculpted and it has a certain boyish charm that I fancy. Some might argue that it is a tad too girlish and/or androgynous – but that is exactly what I like. I like pretty boys. If I want to stare at macho men, all I gotta do is walk down the street. They’re way more common. (Not that there’s anything wrong with macho men. I just don’t fancy them as much!)


  • Company and sculpt: Dollits Hyun.
  • I got him: I bought this head in January this year (2016).
  • Face up: I’m going to paint him myself.

This pretty little thing has yet to reveal himself fully to me. I have had several ideas, but none of them really stuck. I’m playing with the idea of simply painting him and seeing where that takes me. Actually, I think I’ll do just that. Paint him. Maybe that will get him “talking”.

One think I do know about him, is that he’s part of the same universe as Isobel, which basically means I can do whatever I want with him. If I feel like changing his hair color one day, I will, and it won’t really matter much. With my other dolls, I have a set character. I bought this boy without a special character in mind, which means I’m free to experiment. Annoyingly enough, this has left a bit “What do I do now?!” with him, haha, since I don’t have a real plan. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something real soon. Like I said, I’ll be painting him soon, I believe.

Project: Faeneril Teacher?

When I ordered Kostja’s body from RingDoll, they were having some kind of event, so they sent me this extra head in the same color as the body (which was ordered in a special color). I got to choose between this one and… the Norman head, I think? I really like this head as well, I think it’s one of RingDoll’s best sculpts.


  • Company and sculpt: RingDoll Lucifer.
  • I got him: Last year (2015).
  • Face up: I’m going to paint him myself.

In the Faeneril Chronicles, there are several characters waiting to be made into dolls. But not all of them have enough focus on them to be sculpted by yours truly. This character might be one of them (I haven’t decided yet – perhaps things will change in the future!), so he’ll get to stay as a bought doll for now.

Anyways, two of the more important characters in the story, Feli and Levin, go to university and study different kinds of magic and swordsmanship – and they need a teacher, of course. I’m thinking this head would fit very nicely for that part. He won’t be a swordsman, but he’ll definitely be a magic user. I’m thinking dark, yet warm, colors… Yes, I have plans for this guys. Perhaps I could paint him while I’m painting my pretty boy above?

Whiny Brat

Narin Charisma is a head you won’t easily get your hands on nowadays. I’ve been thinking of selling him from time to time, but he was one of the dolls I truly loved when I first got into this hobby, so it feels like such a waste to just sell him off without having “tried him out” first. I have never done anything with him. Why? Because I’ve been completely stumped for ideas.


  • Company and sculpt: Bimong Narin Charisma.
  • I got him: Not sure, but perhaps in 2013?
  • Face up: I’ll paint him myself.

Like I mentioned above, I haven’t done anything with this boy yet… Which seems like such a waste considering he’s gorgeous and I’ve had him for at least two or three years. I feel ashamed now, haha. I’ve kept the face up he came with, because I really like it, but perhaps it’s time to redo his face up and make him feel more like “mine”. I’m not ready to give up on him just yet, partly because he was one of the dolls I first fell in love with when I got into the hobby and partly because he’s unavailable on the market right now.

Modding Project Head

I got this head in that infamous first Impldoll give away on… Facebook, I think it was?


  • Company and sculpt: Ipledoll Vanessa.
  • I got him: Last year (2015).
  • Face up: I’ll paint her myself.

I don’t know if you guys know, or remember, but Impldoll have had two giveaways as a social media experiment – you had to subscribe and/or like some page or whatnot, then email them the evidence. Once that was done, they sent out a free doll head to you and you got to choose between two or three different sculpts of theirs. It was a pretty smart move, I think, lots of people talked about them after that. Way to go, Impldoll!

I got this head… simply because I could. It was free, yes? How many free doll heads do you get in this hobby? Exactly.

There was a plan for her though, either I give her up to Jointed Hearts as a donation, or do some kind of modification to her. I did a photomanipulation of her face, where I change a couple of things I disliked about her features and she ended up looking really nice. So perhaps I will actually do that. It’d also make a pretty interesting video, no?

And those are the heads I currently own – now I just need to save up some cash to get them bodies… That’s always fun, yeah? Hehe. I’ll see you guys next week, ciao ciao!

  • Musume

    September 21, 2016 at 3:37 PM Reply

    Love your Dollits Hyun and I have that same owl backdrop!! I love Ringdoll Lucifer, although at a first glance it looked very similar to the Hyun head, until I saw all the difference. I would love to see Lucifer finished!

    And I must confess I’ve never saw a Bimong Narin Charisma before =s He is such a unique sculpt though! Vanessa sounds like an interesting project!

    • geminick

      September 22, 2016 at 10:14 AM Reply

      Haha, thank you so much! 😀 I love my Hyun too, it’s sad he hasn’t gotten much attention yet. Yes, they are kind of similar, you’re right! And yes, Lucifer is a lovely head as well~

      Narin Charisma was super-wanted by a lot of collectors when I first got into the hobby, but he was hard to get your hands on even back then (2008-ish), but now he’s practically impossible to find.. I think I’ve seen two Charismas for sale in the last 4 years or so…

      Yes, I think Vanessa can be a cool thing to work on, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

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