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geminick: About Me


Jessica “geminick” Karlsson

Who Is geminick?

I am a woman born and raised in a small city in Sweden, who loves art, storytelling, good books and animals. Actually, I love a great deal more stuff, but the list would go on forever if I decided to write everything down. I prefer liking to disliking.


As you might have guessed by now, I titulate myself an “artist”, meaning I create art. What do I do, then?

What geminick Enjoys Doing

Well, I greatly enjoy…

  • …designing and sculpting ball-jointed dolls.
  • …drawing and painting.
  • …telling stories through written words as well as visual creations.
  • …taking pretty pictures from time to time.

My desire to draw, paint and tell stories blossomed into something a little more real when I decided to go to college, and ended up attending Sweden’s only comics art college education. Sadly, it has since been taken down. I made great friends and contacts during those two years.

During the years I studied comics art, I also discovered my love for BJDs – ball-jointed dolls.


geminick’s Atelier

The room where I brainstorm and come up with goofy ideas about dolls and other projects I’d like to make happen one day.

I’ve only had this room for a year and a half, before that I used to sit wherever I could make room enough in order to make a very messy mess out of things with clay. thankfully, me and the boyfriend (Martin) decided to get a bigger place 1,5 years ago – and I finally got my atelier. Dream come true!



This is the room where the magic happens!


The room itself isn’t all that special, but I still love it. It contains all the things I treasure the mest – except for Martin, I guess, haha.

I am going to change a few things around in there this coming Spring (2016), so perhaps these photos will be replaced by new ones in a couple of months. Who knows?

Hm, it looks a little boring, don’t you think? Don’t worry, I’ll be adding lots of fun stuff to these walls real soon!

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