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YouTube Channel

Two videos are now up on my YouTube channel - go check them out!

Status of Ask

Ask is currently waiting to be shipped home from the casting company - stay tuned for more news on him! He will be sent out as soon as he's gotten here and everything seems to be in order.

Den of Angels

Want to see what others are saying about Ask? Visit the Den of Angel's forums to see what's happening!


Hi guys. In case some of you haven’t already noticed, I am...

15th Nov

Experiences with Casting My Own Dolls

I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys about this, but before...

19th Oct
Ask's silicone mold. I dug this out from a drawer in a dark corner. They're very old now.

Cold October Update

Hey there, friends. So, where in the middle of October and Inktober....

12th Oct

Inktober Is Here, Yay!

Have you guys ever done Inktober before? The concept isn’t new to...

05th Oct

Troll & Woods Photo Shoot

So, I had a minor “photo shoot” last weekend. I went away...

28th Sep

My Floating Heads Collection

Hi there! Last week I shared my private ball-jointed doll collection with...

21st Sep

Presenting: My Private BJD Collection

Hi friends! I thought it might be fun to show you my...

16th Sep

Back Home from Jointed Hearts!

Hi friends! I am back home from Gothenburg and Jointed Hearts 2016!...

07th Sep

CRAZY Jointed Hearts-Prep Week!

Guess who’s having a CRAZY week right now!? Yeah, that’s right –...

31st Aug